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How to Check Mutual Fund Status with Folio Number

mutual fund statement folio number
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Mutual funds have emerged as a popular investment option over the years. Thanks to options like Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs), it’s possible to invest in mutual funds even if you do not have a lumpsum set aside. Once you have invested in mutual funds, it’s essential that you learn how to keep a track of your investment, and that’s where mutual fund statements can prove to be handy. All you need to do is use your mutual fund folio number to check the status of your mutual fund investments.

What is a mutual fund folio number?

A mutual fund folio number, sometimes also called a portfolio number, is an identification number that is unique to a mutual fund investor. You are assigned a folio number when you make your first investment in a mutual fund. It denotes the number of units you have in a mutual fund. Even if you make additional investments in the same mutual fund, your mutual fund folio number remains the same. However, investors have the option to choose a different folio number.
Investors can hold multiple folio numbers, depending on the number of mutual fund schemes they have invested in. Investors can also choose to club all their investments under one folio number.

Ways to check mutual fund status with folio number

Apart from understanding what is a mutual fund folio number, you also need to understand how to use it. Here is how you can check your mutual fund statement by folio number:

  • Go online: You can check your fund status using the folio number by going to the official website or the app of your chosen fund house. You may have to enter your registered mobile number and PAN to track the performance of the mutual fund scheme.
  • Visit the AMC’s office:You can visit your nearest branch and provide your folio number to get the mutual fund statement. If you have mutual fund investments with multiple AMCs, then you would need to do this for all of them.

Advantages of having a folio number

Here are a few benefits of having a mutual fund folio number:

  • Track different investments: An MF folio number makes it easy to track different investments made by the investor in different plans. Even if the investor chooses to have multiple folio numbers, they can check their mutual fund statement by folio number.
  • Easy to make new investments: Once a folio number is allocated to the investor, they can make fresh investments with the same fund house without undergoing KYC formalities each time. It’s a win-win situation since the fund house can also track the investor’s contact information and transaction history with the folio number.
  • Find your investment information quickly: Whether you are looking for the list of mutual units you have with the fund house or checking the investments you made during a specified period, you can easily do so by checking out your mutual fund statement by using your folio number.

Where do I locate mutual fund folio number?

There are three ways to find your folio number if you want to access it:

  • The app or website of the fund house: Check out the folio number in your e-statements generated each month. You can also log in to the AMC’s app or website to check your folio number.
  • Mutual fund statement: You can easily find your folio number in your mutual fund statement handed to you at the time of investment. You will also receive a soft copy of the statement via email and SMS from the fund house.
  • Consolidated account statement: You can check your MF folio number by checking your consolidated account statement issued by your fund house. It is like a bank passbook and is generated by the fund house without any charges.

In conclusion, a folio number is like a bank account number that is unique to you and comes in handy to check the performance of your mutual fund investments. If you are a beginner, you can consolidate your investments with a fund house under one folio number. Thus, you can have one or more folio numbers for different investments with a fund house depending on your strategy.


Can I have more than one folio number?

Yes, it’s possible to have more than one folio number. Each folio number corresponds to a unique account for a specific mutual fund scheme, allowing investors to hold investments in different schemes or have separate accounts for various purposes.

Can I change my folio number?

No, you cannot change your folio number. The folio number is allocated by the mutual fund house, and it remains the same throughout the investment tenure. However, you can make changes to personal details or switch between mutual fund schemes within the same folio number.

Is a folio number necessary for the redemption of mutual fund units?

Yes, a folio number is required for the redemption of mutual fund units. The folio number helps identify the specific investor’s account and ensures that the redemption proceeds are credited to the correct account. It is an important reference when initiating the redemption process with the fund house.

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