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What is a Consolidated Account Statement?

Investors often find themselves managing multiple investments across various financial instruments. Keeping track of these diverse investments can be challenging. Enter the Consolidated Account Statement (CAS), a powerful document designed to streamline and simplify the process of monitoring and managing one's investment portfolio.

This article talks about what a Consolidated Account Statement is and explores its benefits and importance in the financial realm.

Understanding consolidated account statement

A Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) is a comprehensive document that consolidates information about an investor's dematerialised holdings across different financial instruments and institutions. It is a unified statement that provides a snapshot of an individual's entire investment portfolio. The CAS includes details of investments in various securities such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and other financial assets.

Benefits of consolidated account statement

Holistic overview: The most significant advantage of the Consolidated Account Statement is that it provides investors with a holistic overview of their entire investment portfolio. Instead of logging into multiple accounts or platforms, investors can access all relevant information in one consolidated document.

Saves time and effort:Investors with holdings in various financial instruments often spend a considerable time managing and tracking their investments. The CAS streamlines this process, saving investors time and effort by presenting all relevant information in a single statement.

Facilitates decision-making: Informed decision-making is a crucial aspect of managing investments. The CAS equips investors with the necessary information to make decisions about rebalancing their portfolio, adjusting asset allocation, or making new investment choices based on a comprehensive understanding of their financial landscape.


In the dynamic world of personal finance, where individuals diversify their investments across various instruments and platforms, the Consolidated Account Statement emerges as a crucial tool for effective portfolio management. It gives details of all the mutual fund investments made under one PAN number, thus allowing investors to monitor their investments more efficiently.

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