What is a growth option?

A growth option in mutual funds refers to a specific investment facility designed to maximise the potential for capital appreciation over the long term. Growth Options are offered by mutual fund companies, alongside other variants like Reinvestment of Income Distribution cum Capital Withdrawal (IDCW) option or Payout of IDCW option. Let’s check out what is growth option in mutual funds in detail and take a look at the Growth option definition.

What is growth option?

The distinguishing feature of a growth option mutual fund scheme lies in its facility of retaining gains in the scheme. Unlike IDCW payout option, where IDCW earned on investments are distributed to investors periodically, a growth option retains all gains into the fund. Over a period of time, the NAV of growth option will be higher than IDCW options since the gains are retained in the Plan.

Investors opting for a growth option in mutual funds typically have a long-term investment horizon and are willing to withstand market fluctuations in pursuit of potentially higher capital appreciation. This aligns with the inherent nature of equity investments, which tend to exhibit relatively higher volatility in the short term but have historically delivered a superior return potential over extended periods.

Considerations before investing:

  • No regular income: Growth options offer no regular IDCW and may not suit investors seeking a steady income stream.
  • Tax implications: Capital gains realised upon selling units in a Growth Option equity mutual fund are subject to taxation.

In conclusion, a growth option in mutual fund is a strategy that involves retaining gains instead of making payout to the investors. This strategy aims to maximise the potential for capital appreciation over the long term by harnessing the power of compounding. However, investors should carefully assess their risk tolerance and investment objectives before opting for a Growth Option of any scheme, ensuring it aligns with their financial goals and time horizon.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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