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What is a mutual fund (MF) fact sheet?

Investors stepping into the world of mutual funds often rely on various tools and documents to make informed decisions. One such crucial document is the mutual fund fact sheet. This financial document serves as a comprehensive guide, offering a snapshot of a mutual fund's performance, holdings, and key metrics. In this article, we will explore what a mutual fund fact sheet is, understand its main components, and highlight its significance.

Meaning of mutual fund(MF) fact sheet?

A mutual fund fact sheet is a concise and standardised document provided by mutual fund companies to present key information about a particular mutual fund scheme. It serves as an invaluable resource for investors, distributors, financial advisors, and anyone seeking detailed insights into the fund's performance, strategy, and portfolio characteristics.

The fact sheet is typically updated regularly, often on a monthly basis, and is made available to the public.

Main components of the mutual fund fact sheet

Fund details: The fact sheet begins with fundamental information about the mutual fund, including its name, category (such as equity, debt, hybrid), and the investment objective. This section provides a quick overview of the fund's purpose and strategy.

Performance data: One of the central components of the fact sheet is the performance section. It includes historical returns over various time frames, such as one month, three months, one year, and longer periods depending on scheme type and category. Investors can assess how the fund has performed in different market conditions.

Expense ratio: The expense ratio is a critical metric that reflects the percentage of the fund's assets deducted annually to cover management fees, administrative costs, and other operational expenses. A lower expense ratio is generally favorable for investors, as it indicates lower costs.

Portfolio holdings: The fact sheet provides a detailed breakdown of the fund's portfolio holdings. This includes the names of individual securities, the percentage of the portfolio allocated to each holding, and the sector-wise distribution.

Risk metrics: Different risk metrics, such as standard deviation, beta, and alpha, may be included to help investors assess the fund's risk profile. These metrics provide insights into how the fund's returns might fluctuate in relation to market movements.

Fund manager commentary: Some fact sheets feature commentary from the fund manager. This section provides insights into the manager's perspective on market conditions and the fund's performance.


Mutual fund fact sheets are necessary tools for investors seeking transparency and detailed insights into the performance and characteristics of a mutual fund. By providing a consolidated view of essential information, the fact sheet empowers investors to make well-informed decisions

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.