How to check mutual fund status with folio number?

mutual fund folio number
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Mutual funds can be a suitable option for investors seeking the potential for wealth creation through a diverse, professionally managed portfolio of stocks, bonds, and other instruments. However, investing in mutual funds also requires careful management of one’s mutual fund assets. In this regard, the mutual fund folio number is a unique identifier that can help you monitor the status of your mutual fund portfolio in an easy and convenient manner.

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  1. What is a folio number in mutual fund?
  2. Where to locate folio number?
  3. Ways to check mutual fund status with folio number
  4. Benefits of mutual fund folio number
  5. FAQs

What is a folio number in mutual fund?

A mutual fund investor's specific identification number is known as mutual fund folio number. You are allocated a mutual fund folio number when you invest in a mutual fund for the first time. The mutual fund folio number stays the same even if you increase your investment in the scheme or switch to schemes within the same fund house. However, if you invest with a different fund house, you will be allocated another folio number by the new AMC.

Where to locate folio number?

There are three ways to find your folio number if you want to access it:

  • App or website of the fund house: You can log in to the AMC’s app or website to check your folio number. You can visit the investor portal of your fund house.
  • Account statement: You can find your folio number in your mutual fund statement handed to you at the time of investment. You will also receive the statement in a physical mail, email, and SMS from the fund house.
  • Customer service: Investors can also contact the customer service helpline of the mutual fund house or the RTA to inquire about their folio number.

Ways to check mutual fund status with folio number

Here are the different ways to check mutual fund status with folio number:

  • Check online - Using the folio number, you may check the mutual fund status online through the AMC app/website or registrar services such as CAMS and Karvy.

Here are the steps:

  1. Login/Register
  2. Access Account Information
  3. Enter Folio Number
  4. View Status

After entering the folio number, you can view details such as current holdings across schemes, transaction history, NAVs (Net Asset Value) etc.

  • Visit branches – You may also provide your mutual fund folio number and PAN to the appropriate AMC office when you visit to get a statement generated.
  • Speak with your distributor to verify status - Many investors seek the help of distributor to make their mutual fund investments. Provide your PAN details to inquire about the status of your mutual fund. The distributor will contact the AMC on your behalf and provide your folio number to get information about your mutual fund investments and current fund performance.

Benefits of mutual fund folio number

The following are some of the main advantages of having a mutual fund folio number for investors:

  • Track different investments: An MF folio number makes it easy to track different investments made by the investor in different plans within the same AMC.
  • Easy to make new investments: Once a folio number is allocated to the investor, they can make fresh investments with the same fund house without undergoing KYC formalities each time. The fund house can also track the investor’s contact information and transaction history with the folio number.
  • Identification: The folio number uniquely identifies each investor's holdings within a mutual fund scheme thus adding to transparency and security.
  • Record keeping: All transactions, such as purchases, redemptions, switches, etc., are recorded and tracked using the folio number.
  • Communication: Investors use their folio number for all communication with the mutual fund house regarding their investments.
  • Taxation: Folio numbers can help in accurately reporting capital gains, dividends, and other income generated from mutual fund investments.

A mutual fund folio number is a unique alphanumeric code that is allocated to each mutual fund investor. It plays a crucial role in record-keeping, identification, communication, and taxation related to mutual fund investments in India. Moreover, investors can use their folio number to easily track the status of their mutual fund investments or reach out to the AMC in case of any queries, both online and offline.


What is folio number?
Folio numbers are identification numbers, either alphanumeric or numeric, that mutual fund houses or AMCs provide to their investors. Each investor has a unique folio number. You can use the folio number to track the status of your mutual fund investments.

Does folio number required to redeem mutual fund units?
Yes, to redeem mutual fund units, you need to have your folio number. In addition to assisting in locating the investor's account, the folio number guarantees that the redemption funds are credited to the appropriate account.

Is my folio number changeable?
 The mutual fund firm assigns the folio number, which doesn't change during the investment journey. You may modify your personal information or move across mutual fund schemes within the same fund house while still using the same folio number. However, you will get another unique folio number if you invest with another fund house.

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