What is a Thematic Investment Fund?

thematic fund
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A thematic fund is a type of mutual fund that focuses on investing in companies associated with specific themes. While traditional mutual fund schemes invest across various sectors to achieve broad market exposure, thematic investment funds focus their investments in specific industry sectors aligned with a particular theme or trend. They offer investors exposure to specific sectors or themes that they believe will potentially outperform the broader market.

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  1. Features of thematic funds
  2. Who should invest in a thematic fund?
  3. 4 factors to consider before investing in thematic funds
  4. FAQs

Features of thematic funds

Theme-based investment approach: Thematic funds follow a focused investment approach and concentrate their investments in sectors or themes expected to exhibit a strong growth potential. These themes may include industry sectors such as technology, healthcare, infrastructure, consumer goods, energy, etc., or themes such as e-commerce, electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, etc.

Higher risk: Thematic funds are subject to relatively higher levels of risk and volatility compared to diversified equity funds since their performance is closely linked to the performance of the underlying sector or theme.

Sectoral exposure: They provide investors with targeted exposure to specific sectors or themes that may not be adequately represented in diversified equity funds. By investing in thematic equity funds, meaning equity funds targeting a sector or theme, investors can gain exposure to sectors that they believe will outperform the market.

Who should invest in a thematic fund?

You can invest in a thematic fund if:

  • You want to capitalise on a specific industry or theme.
  • You are willing to bear the higher level of risk in exchange for a higher growth potential.
  • You have a longer investment horizon since thematic investing may take a longer time to generate growth.
  • You want to invest in a specific industry sector or theme you are enthusiastic about.
  • You want your portfolio to gain exposure to themes or sectors not adequately represented in traditional asset classes.

4 factors to consider before investing in thematic funds

Investment horizon: Investors should align their investment objectives and horizon with the thematic fund before adding it to their existing investment portfolio. Since thematic funds invest in sectors that have an explosive growth potential in the future, a longer investment horizon is desirable.

Risk tolerance: Thematic funds are subject to a relatively higher level of risk and volatility compared to other types of mutual funds as they provide targeted exposure to specific sectors or themes. Investors should assess their risk tolerance before investing in thematic funds since there may be significant fluctuations in the short term.

Research and due diligence: Before investing in thematic investment funds, investors should conduct thorough research to understand the underlying sector dynamics and investment approach of the fund manager as well as the specific sector.

Performance monitoring: Investors should regularly monitor the performance of thematic funds and assess whether the underlying sector or theme remains relevant over time. It's essential to review the fund's performance relative to its benchmark and peer group to evaluate its effectiveness in potentially achieving the investment objectives.

To summarise, thematic funds offer investors opportunities for a higher growth potential than regular equity funds. However, since thematic investment funds provide targeted exposure to specific sectors or themes, investors should also consider the associated risks and conduct thorough research before making investment decisions. Investors must strive to maintain a diversified investment portfolio across asset classes and investment styles to mitigate risk and enhance overall stability of the portfolio.


What is a thematic fund?
thematic fund is a type of equity mutual fund that invests in stocks of companies related to a particular theme or industry sector. It aims to capitalise on growth opportunities within the targeted sector or theme.

How to pick the right thematic fund?
The first thing you must do before making any investment, including in a thematic fund, is to understand your investment goals. Then, you must research different themes or sectors you are interested in and find mutual fund schemes targeting those themes or sectors. Read the scheme documents and compare different themes before making the investment.

Are thematic investment funds riskier than other equity mutual funds?
The returns from thematic funds depend on the performance of a specific industry sector or theme. Therefore, the effects of adverse events within the sector or theme on the portfolio can be amplified. Maintaining a well-balanced portfolio and holding the thematic fund for a long time can potentially help mitigate the risks.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.
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