How does power of compounding help your investment grow?

How does power
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Compounding is often referred to as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ in the world of finance. It is the process through which the value of an investment grows exponentially over time. Understanding this concept is crucial for anyone looking to build wealth over the long term.

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  1. How does compounding work?
  2. Benefits of compounding
  3. How to optimize the power of compounding?
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How Does Compounding Work?

Compounding in investment is when the earnings from an investment are reinvested to generate additional earnings over time. This leads to the growth of the investment at an increasing rate.

The formula for compounding is:

A = P(1 + r/n)^(nt)


  • A is the amount of money accumulated after n years, including interest.
  • P is the principal amount (the amount of money invested in the beginning).
  • r is the annual interest rate (decimal).
  • n is the number of times that interest is compounded per year.
  • t is the number of years for which the money is invested.


If you invest Rs. 1 lakh at an annual interest rate of 10% compounded yearly for 5 years, the calculation would be:

A = 100,000(1 + 0.10/1)^(1*5)

In the initial year, your investment grows by Rs. 10,000, reaching Rs. 1,10,000. Now, instead of cashing in the Rs. 10,000 profit, you reinvest it. In the second year, your investment increases by 10% of Rs. 1,10,000. Over a period of 5 years, this would result in a corpus of Rs. 1,61,051 after a period of 5 years.

Benefits of Compounding

The benefits of compounding in long-term investments are substantial. With time, the amount accumulated through compounding can far exceed the original investment, because of the continuous addition of interest to the principal amount.

How to Optimize the Power of Compounding?

In investment, patience and consistency are most important. Many investors are tempted to withdraw their investments when they see short-term gains or panic during market downturns. However, the true power of compounding is seen in its ability to grow wealth over a longer horizon by staying disciplined.

Stay Consistent

Consistency in investing, especially in instruments like mutual funds, plays a crucial role. By investing a fixed amount regularly, say through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), you not only build a disciplined saving habit but also allow your investments to grow steadily over a period of time. This method smoothens out the volatility of the market, as you invest across different market cycles, further enhancing the effect of rupee-cost averaging.

Be Patient

Moreover, being patient and not reacting hastily to market fluctuations allows your investments to grow over time. The key is to have a long-term perspective and trust in the power of compounding. Over time, even small but consistent investments can accumulate into a significant corpus, making patience and consistency your best allies.

To reap the advantages of compounding in long-term investments, it is important to keep the following factors in mind:

  • Start Early: Starting early can significantly enhance the effects of compounding. The earlier you start investing, the more time you give your money to grow.
  • Invest Regularly: Making regular investments, like in an SIP, can greatly increase the benefits of compounding. Even small, consistent investments can grow to substantial sums over time.
  • Reinvest Earnings: Instead of withdrawing the interest or dividends earned on your investment, it is wise to reinvest them. This increases the principal amount, leading to potentially higher returns in the future.

The Role of Time in Compounding

Time plays a key role in compounding. The greater the duration of your investment period, the greater the potential for growth.

Compounding is a powerful tool in any long-term financial planning journey. It allows your investments to grow exponentially over time, turning even small savings into significant wealth. By starting early, investing regularly, and reinvesting your earnings, you can make use of the full power of compounding to build a more secure financial future.


What is the meaning of compounding in financial investments?
Compounding in finance is when the returns on an investment, such as interest or dividends, are reinvested to earn additional earnings over time.

Why is starting early important in compounding?
Starting early allows your investments more time to grow, enhancing the effects of compounding. The longer your money is invested, the more it can grow.

How can regular investments benefit from compounding?
Regular investments increase the principal amount, which in turn increases the amount of interest earned. This leads to a larger investment base, which can significantly grow over time due to compounding.

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